Eske Nørholm – Copenhagen based Sound Designer & Recordist.

I help develop new worlds by use of sound and music. We start with a good sound recording.

As a recordist i worked with everything from series and documentaries to commercials. Clients include : HBO, Netflix, DR, TV2, Drive, Copenhagen Bombay, DSB, COOP, Advice, Kadaver, Circus Alphaville, DFDS and others.

Please contact me if you need sound for a project or dialogue recorded on set.

Creating the right sound for moving pictures is a rewarding job. I’m not too concerned if the project is a movie, video game, app, VR experience, advertisement or other media.

I work with the best tools i find from Sound Devices, DPA, Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton Live, and Max. Of course you also need synths, cymbals, gravel, birds, asphalt, steel, wind, water, pipes, lightbulbs, books, small pieces of wood, heavy metal parts, gravy, lettuce, plastic containers, windmills, buttons, doors, knobs, tape, leaves, straw, waves, pebbles and last but not least, shoes.